HARIO W60 : 搭配濾紙

HARIO W60 Brew Guide : Paper filter only

HARIO is a brand that doesn’t need any special introduction. Every coffee lover knows and admires this name, especially their all-time classic - V60 brewer. This device is a golden standard in the world of filter coffee!

But every creative company always strives to outperform itself, and here we’re proud to introduce to you the W60 - a new groundbreaking device that will widen your horizon of traditional coffee brewing!

This device covers the needs and preferences of any type of coffee enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you prefer stronger and intense coffee, or lean towards lighter, more acidic drink - W60 is a one--size-fits-all device! Why? Because it consists of 2 parts that give you 3 different brewing options!

One part is a big ceramic V60 that can be used separately with a regular V60 paper filter. This option gives you a clean cup with a silky body and pronounced acidity.

Another part is a plastic micro-mesh that can be used without any filter. Due to the bigger compared to the paper filter) holes, this mesh allows bigger particles to go through, making the beverage more intense with a rich, velvety body.

And one more option is to use both filters together. This gives you a double filtration, providing cleaner, lighter body and delicate flavour.

We’ve created this recipe for the V60 option with a classic paper filter.

We recommend using this recipe for washed process coffees.

What you need:


  • coffee - 18 grams
  • Water - 300 grams + some extra to rinse the paper filter
  • grinder
  • scales
  • W60
  • paper filter
  • gooseneck kettle
  • brewing vessel

  • Step 1: measure 18 grams of coffee

  • Step 2: grind your coffee medium-coarse - the majority of particles should look like sugar

  • Step 3: heat the water up to 94C

  • Step 4: set the paper filter

    Step 5: rinse* the paper filter
    * Rinsing the paper filter helps to warm up the brewer and serving vessel and also to get rid of the smallest paper particles which deliver the paper taste in the cup. There are many discussions among professionals whether rinsing is really necessary ;) We’d say it’s up to you while using white paper filters but for the brown paper we definitely recommend rinsing well.

  • Step 6: put the ground coffee into the w60 and get ready to brew!
    We’ll divide the total amount of water into 5 equal pours (60ml each)

  • Step 7: start your timer and pour all the water (150 grams). Stir well for 20 seconds
    To make the pour stable, controllable and repeatable - you can follow the spiral way of pouring either from centre to the walls or vice versa. Then let the coffee slurry steep until it’s 0:30 on the timer.

  • Step 8: at 0:30 start the second pour - 60ml.
    Go slowly in order to evenly cover all the particles, try to make the pouring time 10 seconds for 60ml. Make a pause, let coffee drain for 10 seconds

  • Step 9: at 0:50 start the third pour - 60ml. Proceed the same as the previous pour.

  • Step 10: at 1:10 start the fourth pour - 60ml. Proceed the same as the previous pour.

  • Step 11: at 1:30 start the last pour - 60ml. Proceed the same as the previous pour.

  • Step 12: Let the coffee drain fully. Aim for the total time* between 2 to 3:30 minutes (depending on the coffee). If time is under or over this range - adjust your grind size for the next brew.

    *total time is fixed when the water drains from the top of the coffee slurry

  • Step 13: Let the coffee cool down a little bit and enjoy!
    Our tasting buds feel difficulty identifying the wide range of flavors while the coffee is hot - we can easily taste just bitterness. Let the coffee cool down to ~60C to get the full sensory experience!