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Kenya Kiambu AA TOP 200g

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Kenya, Kiambu, Thiririka

Local smallholders

SL-28, SL-34 

1750 m.a.s.l.


Light roast

    Farm Information

    This coffee comes from Thiririka cooperative that is located in Kiambu county, high in Kenya mountains. This land is blessed with a lot of rainfall and rich red clay soil. This combination together with mild year-round temperatures results in the highest quality coffee. 

    More than 2400 farmers work together in this cooperative to produce this beautiful lot, helping each other, sharing the knowledge and providing support to those who struggle with harvest or processing.

    Kenya Kiambu AA TOP

    This lot is a classic Kenyan double-washed coffee.

    This processing results in intense flavor full of berries, caramel sweetness and dark chocolate finish.