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Ethiopia Sidama gr. 1 200g

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Ethiopia, Sidama

Local smallholders

Ethiopian heirloom 

2000 m.a.s.l.


Light roast

    Farm Information

    We all know Ethiopia as the Motherland of coffee. And this particular lot comes from Sidama, one of the most famous coffee regions of Ethiopia. Most of the cherries come from so-called “forest plantations”, indigenous territories where coffee trees grow wild for centuries. These coffee forests are located high in the mountains, where the conditions for coffee growing are, probably, best in the world.

    Ethiopia Sidama gr. 1

    This coffee was processed in a traditional Ethiopian way - natural drying on “african beds”, special tables where cherries dry evenly and slowly. This slow drying results in a great cup of coffee, with intense sweetness, flavor of peach, blueberry, lychee and caramel, and velvety texture.